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    Data centers

    We offer you the ideal flue system for any application.

    Exhaust systems for emergency backup generators in data centers

    The explosive growth of data traffic worldwide requires the construction of more and more data centers. The continuous functioning of the data center is very important and at the same time challenging, as the availability of the  information must be  assured at all the times. Therefore, each data center has back up generators which ensure uninterrupted working in the event of a power failure.

    The backup  generators  need a pressure tight  exhaust system  which is also  suitable  for high exhaust temperatures. At Jeremias, you get high-quality, certified exhaust systems that are perfectly tailored for this application.

    The modular Jeremias stainless steel exhaust systems are quick and easy to install and offer a wide range of  products.  They  have a  simple  plug  connection and  can be  used  indoors as  well as outdoors. Our double  wall  insulated  stainless  steel  chimneys  are  certified  according  to CE, UL  and  other country specific standards.

    To effectively prevent the transmission of generator noise via the exhaust pipe into the environment, the installation  of a specially designed exhaust silencer is also  recommended.  Jeremias  has  been a leader in the development of individual sound attenuation solutions for many years.

    Because of their outstanding product specific properties, we recommend the use of following Jeremias exhaust   systems  for  the  safest, quietest  and  efficient  discharge of  exhaust gases  from  emergency generators in data centers.


    Metallic sealing double wall flue system made of stainless steel

    The allrounder: pressure tight double-wall stainless steel chimney with conical sealing connection


    Insulated, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system with flanged joint

    Twin-wall, pressure-tight, modular chimney system made of stainless steel with an inner pipe joint made by a flanged socket covered by a V-band mechanism.


    Double-walled, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system

    Double wall, pressure-tight stainless steel exhaust system with gasket in the outer casing, which allows stress-free thermal expansion of the inner tube hence no compensators needed

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