Chimney accessories

    Jeremias offers you a large range of accessories for fireplaces, stainless steel chimneys and flue system of any type.

    Chimney accessories

    Large assortment of accessories for all flue systems and stainless steel chimneys

    In product range includes large range of chimney accessories, which rounds off our high quality flue system solutions. We have everything from the stainless steel chimney raise over chimney pot for any stainless steel chimneys, chimney cover plates, chimney hoods up to exhaust flaps.

    Chimney raise

    Single wall and double wall chimney extentions are the cheap solution for a better draft or for a necessary extensions because of constructional changes.

    Chimney terminals

    Chimney terminals help to optimize the chimney performance by enabling a constant flue draft and ideal burning conditions.

    Chimney flat flashing

    A stainless steel flat flashing protects the chimney outlet from humidity and moistness. It’s available in various sizes and variants, which gives you the possibility to fit the chimney flat flashing to your chimney outlet.

    Chimney hood

    Through the use of a Napoleon-hood or a Meidinger plate you can reach an even better protection from humidity and down draft. 

    Chimney covering

    Lateral chimneys covering made of stainless steel or copper protects the brickwork from the atmospheric influences and contributes to a long service life. 

    Flue gas damper

    With flue gas dampers you can block the flue, to avoid a loss of energy while the boiler doesn’t work or to successfully prevent the entering of exhaust gases from other flue systems.

    Neutralizing device

    The acid condensate of condensing systems is brought  to a harmless PH-value through a neutralizing device.

    25 years warranty!